Sunday, January 29, 2012

Serving Sizes. A reality?

Portion size. There is a lot of talk that in the US in regards to the obesity endemic. Serving sizes are tricky. And I'm starting understand why. 

I made creamy chicken and mushroom potpie in the slow cooker. It was good by the way. 

In the photo above is how I served it. Pretty standard serving size, right? About my fist and a half or a little over a cup. 

The recipe serves four. There are three of us in my family: me, my husband, and a five year old with a very healthy appetite. 

This is what was left after serving the meal.

Once I put the leftovers in a container, I realized that there's a full second meal there. 

Now remember, this recipe serves four. This is not the first recipe that says it serves four, but really serves a lot more. 

I'm left thinking which is correct my serving size or the recipe's? And is this a reason for increased obesity? 

What are your thoughts?  

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